There is a recipe which is fundamental and applies to everyone, no matter what sort of customer facing business you have…. I will share that with you


Why would you choose business consultancy from Incisively?

I understand. You’re up to your neck trying to run your small customer facing business, you care about your business and want it to be as good as it can be, but you feel bogged down by it all; frankly it is starting to feel overwhelming and you know it should be different but you’re not sure how.

Maybe you just want things to be a little easier, it’s tough at the top isn’t it? You’d like to see more money coming in for all your hard work, especially if you are starting Exit plans and deserve a proper reward for your endeavour.  You rarely have any true leisure time – not even on holiday or weekends – and sometimes end up working on a Sunday afternoon when the sun is shining. It’s relentless and dispiriting when employees let you down or customers give you a hard time. You’re fed up with friends saying (enviously) ‘it must be great being self-employed and being able to pick your hours’ and you truly wonder if the financial reward is actually worth it. Work-life balance – what’s that?

I have experience. I get it, I’ve been there, I’ve done that and got the T-shirt. And I care. I won’t bore you with my qualifications or give you big meaningless figures to evidence why I believe I can help you, but here’s a few pointers to get us started……

  • When my 25 year business was shut down during the Covid pandemic I got the fixed costs of an £850K turnover business down to £500 per month. I got no government support, I didn’t need a bounce-back loan
  • When we re-opened I had decided to sell up by then, so had to get the turnover back up to Pre-Covid levels. In fact, I got it back to 105% within 6 months despite significant restrictions on trade.
  • Adversity sorts the wheat out from the chaff, I now look back at my industry and appreciate why my business successfully rode the storms. I’ve worked in healthcare, retail and restaurants, as well as industry, and there is a recipe which is fundamental and applies to everyone, no matter what sort of customer facing business you have.

What will I do for you?

  • I Get Things Done – ‘the clue’s in the company name – Incisively. I’m very decisive and I am a doer – ‘efficient’ and ‘organised’ should be my middle names. I believe in getting to the fine detail the ‘how what why’ and then take a ‘let’s do it’ approach. Time is money, I respect yours and I will use mine effectively to give you great value.
  • I have insight – when you’re in it and not on it you can’t see the wood for the trees. Let me appraise your business and give you some ideas, I know I can help and I want to help.
  • I am extremely competent at communications. If you are customer facing this is how you will grow your business and reduce the stress in your life; unhappy customers take up too much time and they knock morale.  Understanding that 2% of customers are the ‘mad, bad or sad’ who behave the same with every business, allows you to focus your efforts on managing the 18% who take up 70% of your time. And ensuring the other 30% recommend you to all their friends……..I can turn this around for you in simple steps and help you develop a ‘water off the duck’s back approach’ to negative comments so you can use them constructively and not have sleepless nights.  I can also help you reduce bad debts or slow payers.
  • I’m good at sales too, even if you don’t consider yourself directly in sales you are!  We are competing for customers’ money that they will otherwise spend elsewhere. In tough economic times they become even more picky about how they spend their hard-earned cash.
  • Your team needs to be on board, and it works both ways, you trust them and they trust you, clear lines of communication so they understand why they are there and share your vision. A happy team is more productive and you have less costly and disruptive staff turnover. Consistency, fairness and structure is key here.
  • It’s lonely at the top, I totally get that, I am here to support you, and provide personal business mentoring too you if you need it. I really do understand.

    But you don’t have to believe me, here’s what Jo from Oracle says about me:

    ‘Sam is perfectly placed to assist any small to medium sized customer facing business having run her own highly successful business herself. 

    She knows the minutiae it takes for the management and the team to make it top notch. Sam can advise on the strategies needed to transform any business’

You’re still reading so we must be on the same page! Now you want to know how I work and how I charge.

  • Please complete your details on the contact form HERE. I’ll contact you ( promptly) to ask you a few questions by email, about what you want for your business and for you.

What do I actually do?

If a job is to be done it needs to be done properly, I don’t cut corners, and your business deserves this. I will dedicate 15 – 20 hours minimum to each initial project or customer; this includes:

  • A half day visit if it’s within an hour by train or car from SO51. I will outline the structure of the visit in advance once we’ve agreed how you want the business consultancy from me to look.
  • An action plan – I mean a thorough plan for how to achieve what you want, not some cut and paste standardised generic waffle. I am always honest, and there is always a solution.
  • Follow up support – this always includes 6 month’s email support for you around the original brief. If you need further visits I will quote accordingly.

What do I charge?

I’ve always been upfront about money, it’s a vital skill I learned early on in my business, I know I’m worth it and I will give you excellent value . It’s easy to think that paying my fee is a ‘cost’ to your business, but I know from experience that getting it right literally pays you back, in my case my business was worth around 10% more than other equivalent businesses of the same size when it came to sell. That was a lot of money! The prices below are inclusive as Incisively is not registered for VAT. No hidden extras. Fair, honest, business consultancy delivered with care and passion.

One off initial project including after project support – £1850

Other projects secondary or spin off from initial contract – from £650

Do GET IN TOUCH and find out more, I’d love to hear from you.

Best Regards

Samantha Price